About Us



We at UBENICETO like to think that being nice doesn't just go for people, but also for anything that interests you. Respecting the people and places all around us is what inspires us each day. We started out by selling a few t-shirts and realized that sometimes personal heartfelt, or funny, message to someone means more than anything you can wear on a shirt.)But we might still sell a few of those too...)

What better way to remind those around us to be nice to others, the places they go or to thank someone for being nice, than with a simple reminder. No flashy email messages. Just a simple envelope with a message on a note card inside. Sending and receiving mail is a lost art. Why not send a note to someone you know....or someone you don't know. Give it a shot. It's fun.

Check out an interview about our project from our local news station:



"Make it fun. Make it thoughtful. Make it silly. It's up to you. A simple message can make someone's day."

- Brian